Thug Life Brazil Special III


Ultimate Thug Life Compilation # 107 Brazil Special 3

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Songs in order:
0:48 2Pac - Can't C Me (feat. George Clinton)
1:25 Gangstarr-Above The Clouds
1:37 Gang Starr - Work
1:59 50 Cent - If I Cant
2:26 Tupac- Ambitionz Az a Ridah
2:42 50 Cent – Wanksta
3:11 Westside Story-The Game feat 50 Cent
3:40 Snoop dog - For all my niggaz and bithces
3:57 Tupac- Ambitionz Az a Ridah
4:33 MOP - Cold as Ice
4:58 M.O.P. - Power
5:46 50 Cent - If I Cant
6:08 Mobb Deep - Drink away the pain
6:27 M O P – Warriorz
6:57 50 Cent PIMP
7:24 NWA - Something 2 dance
7:45 2Pac - Thug passion
8:34 2pac - When we ride on our enemies
9:00 N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton
9:27 2Pac - Only God Can Judge Me (feat. Rappin' 4-Tay)
9:45 N.W.A. - Fuck Tha Police

Funny Video descriptions in order:
0:24 Neymar humiliated on stage in Brazil
1:06 Brazilian thug opens his beer with a rifle
1:36 Forktruckdriver catches beer keg
1:51 Students lift car
2:18 Bus pushing car through streets in Brazil
2:39 Fish pulls guy into Brazilian water
3:05 Miss amazonas
3:36 Little thug fuck you
3:50 Half a car driving on the road in Brazil
4:16 Don't bully this slingshot amateur
4:47 Thug clears bike lane
5:25 Donkey throws guy off his back
6:02 Just a fish drinking a beer in Brazil
6:23 Man hit by car doesn't care
6:55 Old man not impressed by robber with gun
7:19 Kids dancing with dog
7:42 Donkey has other ideas during race
8:17 Drifting horse
8:58 Donkey rodeo goes wrong
9:18 Little girl slaps other girl
9:44 Guy running from the cops with Brazilian flag
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10:11 Minutes


23.06.2017 11:42
13.06.2017 06:55
Love it
Waki33, 17.12.2016 14:53
Football thugs !!!HEH XD
Ganjaflash, 04.12.2016 08:24
Awesome vid;)
Vakiii, 01.12.2016 23:29
4:17 best :'DD
30.11.2016 09:15
Eishan_thug, 29.11.2016 11:34
Am I the. First one?

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